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Product Description of Clumping Non toxic Cat Litter :
Clumping Non toxic Bentonite Cat Sand
Our cat sand is made of high quality 100% sodium bentonite by special processes.
advantage as follows:
1. instant hard & compact clumps,easy to scoop
2. superior odor control, moisture release, fresh scent,
3. 99.9% dust free,safe to people and pets
4. natural hygienic products, environment friendly
5. add essence such as lemon, apple and so on
Order information to customers:
The Feature of our Clumping Non toxic Cat Litter :
Machining Process of Clumping Non toxic Cat Litter:
Our Clumping Non toxic Cat Litter form clumping instantly on contact with liquid
Below you can see the step-by-step instructions how this cat litter works
Loading & Shipping of Clumping Non toxic Cat Litter:Non Toxic Cat Litter suppliers
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